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Martyn Guest

I have tried a few options regarding business coaching, they all seemed too textbook in my opinion and were more interested in the company branding than actually digging deeper into why I do what I do and what makes me passionate about my business.

I meet with Kim twice a month in a professional establishment (not a coffee shop) with about 5 other members and we all bounce of each other in the workshops. I come away with knowledge and goals every time. I recently took action on one of the points I learnt in the workshop and this secured a £70k project that we have now started. I am looking forward with continuing my success with Kim's help and cant thank him enough,

Martyn Guest
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Payal Patel

I have been in business now for 8 years but 4 months ago the business relocated into a brand-new practice, with new name and branding and with a different outlook on what I wanted the business to achieve and represent.

Starting Asentiv for me at that time was the best time for my business, I wanted to start right and have clear goals, vision and a path for my business with no grey areas.

This is what I am starting to unlock with Asentiv and Kim. Kim is a wonderful trainer, his expertise always shines through and most importantly tells us the reasoning behind why we are doing what we are doing, with end goal insight. I can adopt and mould what I have learnt in Asentiv to any business. It's an eye opener, especially as business owners, including me, tend to have an idea on what they want in business, but in reality, there are no strategies in place to achieve it.

Asentiv has tackled any grey areas, or blurred lines I had in my business, I now know why I do what I do, I know what I want to achieve, and I have clear understanding of what strategies I need to use to get there. Kim you have made this experience so enjoyable and motivating and I am so excited for the next part of the course and what the future holds for my company.

Thank you


After parting ways with a previous business coaching program I decided to take the plunge and join Asentiv. Thanks to Kim and the easily to follow workbook I can whole heartedly say I made a great decision.

Not only am I learning how to structure my business and maximise my referral sources I am delving into what makes not only my business but also myself tick.

Many thanks,
Mark Ellett,
Powerlec Electrical and Testing Ltd,
Southend on sea, Essex
0800 678 5257 01702 952951 07779322154



Hi Kim, Just wanted to send you an email letting you know how my experience of your Asentiv training has worked for me. When I was first approached by yourself about the course, I rightly was a little sceptical, as would be expected, having not done anything like this before.

I can honestly say with hand on heart, that the whole experience has been absolutely fantastic, from the initial meeting, to visiting a training seminar, as a guest, to actually signing up for the program, it is 100% professional.

As for what I have received from putting into practise what I have learnt so far, is that I have identified my niche market , my best referral sources and concentrated more on these, which resulted in extra work that I have won as a direct result of working harder on these clients.

Kim is an excellent trainer, who through very thorough and precise targets will help your business grow 100%.

I am looking forward to learning more ways of helping my business grow as much if not more than we have in the last few years.

Kind regards,
Nigel Leaver Absolute Creations Limited
South Ockendon
RM15 5HH



When Kim first informed of the Asentiv programme I was very sceptical and dare I say it cynical about the programme. I personally felt it was another training programme being promoted within an organisation that I was already involved with and thought it clashed with the ethos and culture of this organisation.

Initially I dismissed Asentiv, believing that it was another business coaching programme. There is a human tendency to, as the old idiom says, judge a book by its cover, this is what I did.

Thank fully with my extensive background in psychological sciences I have trained myself to not allow snap judgements to overpower my decision making. Asentiv delivered by Kim, is definitely not another business coaching service. As a business owner I am often aware of what I should be doing to help me grow the business. However, I am not always sure why and how.

For these reasons I take on the reactive approach where I avoid the need to address questions around growth, marketing, referrals and sales, focusing on the daily tasks of delivery, problems and getting through emails before the end of the day. The end result of this is, I am too busy to grow and develop my business in particular through referral marketing. Working with Kim I have found the time to focus on both current and potential clients in thought provoking and insightful ways.

The programme provides an innovative outlook and approach to maximising your referral sources, it looks closely at your personal development which all ultimately leads to more efficient and strategic methods of developing your business and helping you to gain the ultimate precious commodity for yourself – TIME.

The small intimate group of business owners on the programme ensures that we are able to build strong and supportive relationships where we help each be accountable for the individual goals we set ourselves, ensuring we take the time to work on our businesses and not just in them.



Dear Kim Thank you for all your coaching support over the last few months. Life as an entrepreneur is a roller coaster and working with you has given me structure and a road map to achieve my goals. I was hesitant initially in working with you but after the first session I saw the value of your experience, business knowledge and how it could benefit me.

You listen diligently, challenge my thinking and have helped me to answer my own questions whilst providing a sounding board and guidance. Also, when I have doubts you have helped me to regain my confidence which is priceless. I would highly recommend any business owner to sit down with you and experience what you have to offer.

Kind Regards
Ravi Solanki
Strathmore Wills Imperial Offices,
2-4 Eastern Rd,
Romford RM1 3PJ



Dear Kim With my business now in its seventh year, steadily growing to a point where I knew I could no longer go it alone; and having had a varied working life, learning not necessarily the right things from managers when in employment, from my parents and grandparents running their own businesses as well as being a manager and owning several businesses of my own over the years, I felt that it was now time to seek guidance and learn better practice from a business coach to help me take the business to the next level.

I’d spoken to several coaches, been to lots of seminars and events, sought guidance from family and friends and was still in the dark about what would be best for me and my business when I had the opportunity to sit in on one of your taster sessions.

I can honestly say that I wasn’t expecting to get as much out of those few hours than I did and after speaking with you further on a one to one basis, I realised that the Assentiv program was best placed for me and that you were the right person to deliver it. I realise I’m still relatively new and have only been working with you for several months, but I can tell that you truly wish to help people reach their full potential with your delivery of the material and your ever-encouraging manner, delving into the emotions and helping my peers and myself ascertain what we want for our businesses as well as for ourselves and those around us.

I’ve still got a lot to learn as well as implement, but knowing you are alongside me to help me move my business forward and not lose sight of those things I personally still wish to achieve is the best decision I’ve made.

With every best wish
Mrs Kim Parks Proprietor
Parks Bookkeeping Services