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What do Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Serina Williams and numerous successful business owners have in common…..they have a coach. Unfortunately, any form of coaching can prove quite costly done on a one on one basis.
So I decided to put together a development course for business owners and those involved in business that can be offered at a truly not to be missed price that can help all to think more about how to work on developing their business, rather than constantly in it. See how you can- ‘take your business to new heights’

About Me

I have a vision to help 1000 business owners, earn more, work less and have time to do the things they choose to do with those they care about most.

I love to help people which is why I joined the police service in 1983, unfortunately it wasn't helping people as much as I envisaged, however now I help people achieve their dreams every day!

As a 14 year old boy I remember my Grandfather passing away, he lived in the same house as us, this was the first time I had lost someone.

It was a shock, to say the least, I couldn’t understand how I was never going to see him again. How was I going to get back that time with him? Eventually it sunk in, I wasn’t. I wish I had spent more time getting to know him, hanging out, having fun, but now couldn’t.

This is the first time I realised how precious time is and what you do with it, you can never get it back. Now that I am somewhat older, as all of us I have lost other important people in my life which has just reinforced my belief, we need to find as much time as possible to do the things we want to do with those important people in our lives.

We often end up in business working so many hours trying to build our business and can forget the main reason we started in business. For many of us, we found ourselves in business, we did not receive any education we just had to find our way, like stumbling in the dark, we may have made it work, but what if there was a more efficient way to gain new clients, retain the clients you love working with, attract the right staff and keep them. Imagine if you no longer had to prospect for clients, they were just introduced to you and they were copies of your current best client.

This is why I have a passion for helping business owners develop their skills so they know where to focus their efforts and what results to expect in all areas of business.